• Your Gremlin

    Whatever part of your Gremlin you don't own, owns you.


    No one can own your Gremlin for you...


    More interestingly ... No one can stop you from owning your Gremlin.

  • Meet Your Gremlin

    Gremlin Q&A (Meet Your Gremlin)

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    Adult Ego Decontamination

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  • Rumpelstiltskin Is My Name...

    Your Gremlin Has A Name

    The fairy story of Rumpelstiltskin is a map.

    An unconsciously functioning Underworld can subsume the entire context and purpose of your life. It is your job to work out how to take your life back. The 'Gremlin' has had many years head start in serving the Shadow Principles that undermine your responsible creative power. In this section we will suggest ways in which you can consciously get your power back.

    The Gremlin part of you is committed to serving a specific set of three, four or five Shadow Principles called your Hidden Purpose. That Gremlin part is organized, fast, and very intelligent about keeping you unconscious of its true motivations. The Gremlin derives pleasure when your enemy feels pain, even when that “enemy” is your beloved partner. Giving this Gremlin part a name is a powerful alchemical tool. Your Gremlin will even tell you its own name if you respectfully ask and attentively listen. Here are the names of some Gremlins I have met: Dinki, Baue, Schnupu, Thorsten, Katanka, Speedy, and Pim.


    Not ordinary names, for sure, but real Gremlin names nonetheless. Having the name of your Gremlin gives you a “handle” for getting a hold of it (recall that in the fairy tale Rumpelstiltskin, the maiden could only release herself from the power of the Gremlin through learning his name). Without the handle, Gremlin does what it wants whenever it wants to do it. Since you cannot call it by name it owns you. Never forgetting your Gremlin’s name, and keeping a watch out for the three to five Shadow Principles of your Hidden Purpose, is a huge step towards you 'owning' it.

    Learn About Your Gremlin

    Carrying Gremlin’s name and Hidden Purpose on the tip of your senses permits you to experientially distinguished the Gremlin within yourself. You can identify its approach by the energetic signature of its gleefully irresponsible, smug, little giggle. Until you fiercely self-observe to the point where Gremlin's activities become conscious, Gremlin's activities will remain unconscious and will destroy your possibility of serving Archetypal Love. Instead, no matter what you think, your life is dedicated to serving Gremlin.


    Even long-time spiritual students who have not made the Gremlin distinction can be counted upon to regularly create Gremlin games with the people in their life. Gremlin keeps its foot in the back door, never allowing the Archetypal Relationship chamber to seal. The internal heat and pressure can never get hot enough to ignite genuine remorse because Gremlin blows it off with a joke or a comment, or doggedly persists in whistling unconsciously along his merry way. Without the intense and lasting pain of the remorse of recognizing that the Gremlin is getting ready to feed, and then you doing something completely different, nothing changes.


    Gremlin feeding activities typically include:

    flirting, masturbating, playing video games, eating “junk” foods,

    men not lifting the toilet seat to pee, women gossiping,

    breaking time agreements (coming in even a few minutes late, even if you have a good excuse or if you apologize), complaining as if you are a victim, forgetting appointments or promises,

    playing practical jokes, stealing insignificant things (pens from work, silverware from the restaurant, grapes at the grocery store, airline blankets, special leftovers from the refrigerator),

    driving even a few miles an hour over the speed limit, not exercising, trying to cut ahead in line, energetically “trashing” spaces even in small ways (e.g., walking through the space being visible, inelegantly opening or closing the door, coughing, yawning, farting, looking out the window, moving the chair, dropping a pen, conspicuously drinking from your water bottle at delicate moments),

    having little accidents or breaking something and not cleaning it up, littering, sneaking, swearing, sleeping in when you’ve previously made a commitment to yourself to get up at a certain time,

    trying to get more than somebody else, returning the car with the gas tank on empty, talking to keep everyone’s attention, leaving floating turds in the toilet,

    over eating, not changing the empty toilet paper roll or the burned out light bulb,

    looking on other people’s desks or into their drawers, reading other people’s mail,

    sleeping during meetings, lying, making jokes or comments about other people,

    making up excuses, not doing what you say you will do, feeling resentful,

    changing plans without telling anyone, and so on.


    As you can see, many of these activities are quite familiar, indicating that you have an entire Underworld Ecology thriving within you determining the quality of your life day and night. It is your responsibility to recognize the full horror of the situation. It is your responsibility to learn the hierarchy of Underworld creatures feeding upon each other within you, upon you by other people, and by you upon those people who are dearest to you. Until these dynamics are brought to light, your Underworld is controlling your life.

    The procedure for distilling the three, four or five Shadow Principles of your Hidden Purpose is appropriately named The Hidden Purpose Process. In contrast to its sensible name, the process itself is is horrendous. The term 'disillusionment' does not even come close to depicting what it feels like. For this reason, the Hidden Purpose process is best done under the guidance of someone skilled in navigating Underworld spaces with absolute clarity; someone who will never forget, for an instant, that the manifestations that arise, the feelings, the tones of voice, are all an act of Underworld theater – all a story, and only one way to look at things. Distilling your Shadow Principles has nothing to do with beliefs, and especially nothing to do with 'good and evil.'

    Once you have distilled your Hidden Purpose from the incidents and accidents of your life it can take you months or years to digest and integrate the experience into practical application. All that you have, after distilling your Hidden Purpose, is a way to detect who is in charge of what you are saying right now. That is a useful distinction.

    Gremlin creations are far easier to spot in someone else than in ourselves. One way for people to serve each other and hold the space for the possibility of Archetypal Relationship is by making an agreement to 'spot the Gremlin.' Each time your Gremlin reveals its grimy little paws and yellow-tooth, bad-breath smile, your “spot the Gremlin” team mate has permission from you to greet it by name and purpose. “Hello Dinki. Feeling betrayed again, are we?” Identifying your Gremlin by name and Hidden Purpose gives you a way to interact with your Gremlin responsibly.


    This is a small, but necessary step in establishing a conscious working relationship with your Gremlin.


  • Sing-Along Gremlin Song

    If you sing along out loud with this music video then you get 1 Matrix Point in StartOver.xyz by entering the Matrix Number YOUTUBEx.17.

  • PHASE I of Gremlin Work

    Own Your Gremlin



    This is not a joke. (It could well be that because Heath Ledger did not own the Gremlin in him that so expertly played the role of Batman's nemesis, the Underworld character The Joker, he tried to manage the experience of making his Underworld so publicly evident by using drugs... It did not work out so well for him. Let this be a lesson to you.)


    We are not kidding.

    Once you have your Gremlin’s name all that you have is the knowledge of its existence and an ability to distinguish “it” from “you.” This is significant and still insufficient. There are further steps to take. Your job now is to change your relationship to your Gremlin through responsibility. Whereas previously Gremlin ran wild, knocked you unconscious, and did whatever it wanted with your life, now your job is to make Gremlin your ally instead of your owner.

    At first Gremlin will hate you for your efforts. Gremlin hates you because you represent responsibility. Responsibility, to the Gremlin, is like water to the Wicked Witch of the West. If you douse the Gremlin with responsibility he fears there will be nothing left. In being recognized by you, Gremlin is terrified of soon starving to death from lack of irresponsible, Low Drama energy food. Your job is to put your Gremlin on a regular feeding schedule so that starvation is no longer an issue.

    There are certain foods that your Gremlin loves to feed on – foods that will deplete your relationship energy reserves, and other foods that can maintain a healthy diet for Gremlin without costing you so much in terms of the quality of your relationships. Your task is to distinguish between the two kinds of foods. Then, you can choose to feed to your Gremlin foods from the second list on a regular basis.
    To start, make a list of what your Gremlin loves to eat when it has free reign.



    For example, your Gremlin might love to devour the following Typical Gremlin Foods:

    • Creating the story that your boss is an enemy and having regular confrontations.
    • Weekly social gatherings with alcohol, coming home late and drunk.
    • Three large ice creams a week.
    • Incessantly talking to fill up any empty space with the sound of your own voice.
    • Staying up until three a.m. on business trips watching triple XXX movies.
    • Not paying your telephone bill and having the phones almost cut off.
    • Arranging to have fights with your mate as an excuse to throw dishes and lamps against the wall.
    • Wearing funny, strange or mismatched clothes to get attention.
    • Behaving insanely to shock people.
    • Interrupting other people to blurt out whatever you want to say.
    • Teasing your mother-in-law so she is too flustered to criticize you.
    • Bingeing on videos every other day of the week.
    • Drinking colas all day.
    • Regularly complaining.
    • Changing everything into a joke that you can laugh at.
    • Eating daily doughnuts, cookies, candy, cake and coffee.
    • Smoking.
    • Gossiping, speaking about someone when they are not there (triangulating).
    • TV, newspaper, magazines.
    • Holding resentful grudges and plotting revenge in the bottom of your heart.
    • Thinking about chocolate.
    • Sleeping past your alarm.
    • Devouring salty, greasy, junk food, such as hamburgers, chips, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, Taco Bell, and fries.
    • Catalog shopping to the maximum limit on your credit cards.
    • Biting your nails, scratching your face, pulling your hair, picking your nose.
    • An hour or so of internet sex here and there.
    • Having an ongoing feud with your neighbors, and feeling right about your position.
    • Eating so much pizza and ice cream for dinner that the endorphins kick in.
    • Having power struggles with your mate; proving they are wrong in public.
    • Manipulating your relatives and colleagues with your illnesses.
    • Leaving messes around the house that drive your partner crazy.
    • Flirting with the guys or gals at the exercise club.
    • Swearing at other drivers.
    • Paying your taxes late.
    • Blaming the government.
    • Keeping your desk buried in an almost non-functional pile of papers.
    • Kicking the dog.
    • Add your favorites. . . . . . . .


    It might take you a couple of weeks to collect the details for your list, but then again, maybe you can make the list immediately. Once you have your list of favorite Gremlin foods, develop a reasonable strategy for a regular feeding schedule. For example, a strategy that works well is to choose one day during the week, for example Saturday, and promise your Gremlin that on this one day, all day long, midnight-to-midnight, he can feast as much as he wants on the specific ten items that you have selected from your list. Write out the ten available Gremlin foods on a paper and tape it on your refrigerator to see. Then for the other six days go completely “cold-turkey” on all Gremlin foods.


    In the beginning you might make it through one day of no Gremlin food before he actually knocks you unconscious and you wake up on the far side of a binge or a quarrel. Do not feel guilty. Do not beat yourself up. Do not punish your Gremlin. Just remake your commitment and keep your promise of maximum feeding on the specified day, only.

    After a while you might make it through three days before getting knocked unconscious. In the meantime Gremlin might put a constant stream of voices in your head, “This is stupid! This is stupid! This is really stupid! I hate this! Mmmm, look at those tits! Just a little piece of chocolate would be okay. Then I’ll be satisfied. What a jerk! Let’s stop this nonsense. I can’t do this anymore. I am a failure. I am not good enough. I will never make it. Whose idea was this anyway? Not mine. Fucking book!” And so on. These are only voices. You may wish to keep in mind that you own a fully-loaded Voice Blaster.

    Gremlin might loose a little weight, but he will soon start feeling more fit and alive without so much fat around his belly. He will appreciate his new trim feeling and the interesting challenges you start giving him. Gremlin will recognize that you respect him and are treating him well. After a few months you and your Gremlin might get through an entire week with no snacking. Stay on this regular weekly feeding schedule for at least a year.


    We are not kidding. Having a conscious Gremlin as an ally at your side stands on a life of practice.

    At some point you might notice that a feeding day went by and your Gremlin forgot to feed. Do not change the feeding day that week. If Saturday slipped by with no feeding, do not feed on Sunday or Monday. Just wait until the chosen feeding day comes around again.

    You might also notice that a feeding day arrives and none of the ten special Gremlin foods appeal to Gremlin. This is okay. You do not have to force feed your Gremlin. And, do not let it graze on the banned Gremlin foods. Stick to your feeding schedule practice.

    Being accountable to your Gremlin for providing him with a regularly planned feeding schedule establishes a relationship with Gremlin like an owner has with his Doberman Pinscher. Your barely-tamed potentially-vicious beast is willing to sit at your feet when you say “sit” because he knows that he is respected, he is taken care of, and in particular, he is regularly fed. This really works.

  • Gremlin And Patriarchy

    From your Possibility Management Trainer Katharina Kaifler.

  • Gremlin Experiments: PHASE 1

    Make The Gremlin Distinction

    Gremlin is not bad.

    Gremlin serves unconscious purposes to keep your life the same until you own your Gremlin and put him on a short leash.

    Owning your Gremlin is an authentic adulthood initiatory process.

    Then you can give your Gremlin interesting and useful jobs to do that your Box cannot do, such as spotting other Gremlins and immediately telling you.

    No one can put your Gremlin on a leash for you.

    No one can stop you from keeping your Gremlin on a leash.

    Make a Promise and Don't Let Your Gremlin Destroy It.


    This promise, you make with yourself.
    Promise to yourself that until you have completed the experiment you are engaged with, you can not read the next experiment on this page.

    If after reading YOUGREML.01 Experiment, you have already read the next experiment then your Gremlin has already won.

    YOUGREML.02: Make a list of 50 of Gremlin Behaviors in Others

    It is easier to notice Gremlin behaviors in others, then it is to notice our own Gremlin behavior.

    Make a list of 50 Gremlin behaviors that you notice in your friends and family in daily life. Do not stop until you have 50 behaviors. Do not go to the next experiment until you have made a list of 50 behaviors.


    How are they destroying connection?

    How are they avoiding being present?

    How are they not keeping agreements?

    YOUGREML.03: Notice Physical Messes from Other Gremlin

    There is two kinds of messes:

    - conscious creative mess. It is often necessary to create chaos in order for something completely different from this to appear.

    - unconscious messes that unconscious Gremlin create to feed on.


    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book the messes - in the physical domain - that people's Gremlin around you leave unconsciously. Notice particularly the mess they leave in someone else's space or in public space.


    For example: littering, shredding pieces of napkin at the restaurant for the waitress to clean up, ripping leaves from trees, leaving dirty dishes, not taking off their shoes, ...

    YOUGREML.04: Notice Energetic Messes from Other Gremlin

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book the energetic messes from others people's Gremlin leave around unconsciously.


    Notice particularly the mess they leave in (dis)connection with someone else or in (dis)connection with reality.


    For example: when someone is late at a appointment, when their Gremlin around looking into other people's personal space (the toilet of the opposite gender, someone else's office), gossiping, trying to get information, ...

    YOUGREML.05: Notice Broken Agreements from Other Gremlin

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the broken agreement by other people's Gremlin, even the small agreements, especially the small agreements.

    For example: if they say that they will throw the garbage now, and they do it 15min later; if they say they will call this person today, and forget; if they say you can choose the movie, but in the end they do; ...

    YOUGREML.06: Notice Assumptions from Other Gremlin

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book every time someone make assumptions, either about you or about other people.

    For example,

    YOUGREML.07: Notice Lies from Other Gremlin

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book every time someone Gremlin lies.


    For example: when you ask "What time is it?" and they answer it's 3pm, and it's actually 3.05pm then they just lied to you; or when you ask someone "How are you?" and they say "I'm fine", it is also a lie, ...

    YOUGREML.08: Notice How Other Gremlin Avoid Responsibility

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the moves and gestures from other people's Gremlin to avoid responsibility.

    YOUGREML.09: Notice Gremlin Resentments In Others

    Resentment is Gremlin food. Resentment comes from having had an unfulfilled expectations. Anybody can make an expectations about anything. The purpose of having expectations is to create resentment as Gremlin food.


    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the resentments other people's Gremlin are holding on against you or other people.


    You can recognize a resentment from the unconscious anger felt by the other person's Gremlin and the righteousness that this other person didn't do what they were supposed to.

    YOUGREML.10: Notice Low Drama from Others' Gremlin

    Low Drama is the main food for Gremlin. Low Drama is a dynamic game in which there is three main characters: the Victim, the Persecutor, and the Rescuer. If you are not familiar with the distinction of Low Drama, please read the website:


    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the Low Drama that other people's Gremlin created with you or with other people.


    Notice which is their favorite character.
    Notice which is their favorite ways to get into Low Drama, by complaining, justifying, hating, controlling, manipulating, playing small, playing superior, ...


    Gremlin is not bad.

    Gremlin is just Gremlin.

    Gremlin is a part of you.

    Gremlin is a part of them.

    Gremlin benefits from creating Gremlin Food.

    The Gremlin's payoff is that he gets to serve Shadow Principles, avoid responsibility and create Low Drama.


    After about 10 weeks of work paying attention and noticing other people's Gremlins, it is time to look at your own Gremlin.

    YOUGREML.11: Make a List Your 50 of Gremlin Behaviors (Food)

    Make a list of YOUR 50 Gremlin behaviors.

    Do not stop until you have 50 behaviors.

    Do not go to the next experiment until you have made a list of 50 behaviors.

    Read over and over again the list in Learn About Your Gremlin.

    YOUGREML.12: Notice Your Gremlin Physical Messes

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the messes - in the physical domain - YOUR Gremlin makes.

    Notice particularly the mess your Gremlin leaves in someone else's space or in public space.

    YOUGREML.13: Notice Your Gremlin Energetic Messes

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book the energetic messes YOUR Gremlin leaves around unconsciously.


    Notice particularly the mess YOUR Gremlin leave in (dis)connection with someone else or in (dis)connection with reality.

    YOUGREML.14: Notice Your Gremlin Breaking Agreements

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the agreement that YOUR Gremlin breaks, even the small agreements, especially the small agreements.

    YOUGREML.15: Notice Your Gremlin Assumptions About Others

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book every time YOUR Gremlins make assumptions about other people.

    YOUGREML.16: Notice Your Gremlin Lies

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book every time YOUR Gremlin lies.

    YOUGREML.17: Notice How Your Gremlin Avoids Responsibility

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the moves and gestures that YOUR Gremlin makes to avoid responsibility.

    YOUGREML.18: Notice Your Gremlin Resentments Against Others

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the resentments YOUR Gremlin are holding on. Be very clear about who is the resentment against, what is the expectations that you have made up they broke.


    You can recognize a resentment from the unconscious anger felt by the other person's Gremlin and the righteousness that this other person didn't do what they were supposed to.

    YOUGREML.19: Notice Your Gremlin Low Drama

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the Low Drama that YOUR Gremlin created with yourself or with other people.


    Notice which is YOUR favorite character.
    Notice which is YOUR favorite ways to get into Low Drama, by complaining, justifying, hating, controlling, manipulating, playing small, playing superior, ...

    YOUGREML.20: Contamination of Your Adult Ego State with Your Gremlin Ego State

    How much percentage of your adult ego state is contaminated with your Gremlin ego state? When your adult ego state is contaminated with your Gremlin ego state, you can never really be fully adult. When you try to be adult, there is always a constant spin, joking, degrading, competing, taking revenge, being on top, etc...


    This experiment is to be done in your Possibility Team. After you already have clarity about the distinction of Gremlin and read the website Decontamination together.


    Break out in groups of 3 people.

    One person starts by asking their two partners: "Please tell me to what degree and in what ways is Gremlin is contaminating my adult ego state."

    Write it down everything they say if you don't understand what they say, especially if you don't understand what they say.


    Then go back to the Decontamination website and follow the healing process to decontaminate your adult ego state from your Gremlin ego state.

    YOUGREML.21: Get Feedback From People Who Hate You (Your Gremlin)

    Make a list of 8-10 people that you have or have had charge with. It would people that you don't talk to anymore. Something happened, there was a breakdown.


    Call them up one after the next in the coming days.

    When they pick up the phone, tell them: "My last relationship did not work and I am missing something about myself about I interact with people. I think you have clarity for me about what I do or don't do that break my relationship with people. Would you be willing to tell me?"


    You just listen, don't interrupt, don't justify, don't explain (unless it is asks for clearly from the other person) and write down what they say. Do not make any promise that you will change.


    At the end of the call, simply say "Thank you".

    YOUGREML.22: "I am a horrible person"

    For one week, in your Beep!Book, write down ALL the reasons and evidences that proves that you are a horrible person: from the smallest to your biggest failures, why you are not lovable, and not good enough.


    This is what your Gremlin sounds like in your head.

    YOUGREML.23: My Gremlin says...

    After you have written down every reasons and evidences why you are a horrible person, re-write ALL sentences so it says: "My Gremlin thinks that I am a horrible person because..."

    YOUGREML.24: Pay For Each Time Your Gremlin Plays Victim

    Do this experiment for one week: anytime your Gremlin plays the Victim, give one euro to your neighbor (or a cause).


    You play the Victim the moment you complain, blame, feel tired of other's behavior, justify, sulk, play small, ...

    YOUGREML.25: Notice Your Gremlin's Assumptions About Yourself

    For one week, notice and write down in your Beep! Book all the assumptions you have about yourself.

    I am a woman. I am man.

    I am a mother, a father.

    I am German. I am American.

    I can't do this.

    I have to do this.


    You don't have roles. You have a Life.

    YOUGREML.26: Taking Responsibility

    Do this experiment 3 times a day for the next month.

    The experiment is to use your Gremlin consciously to go out of the way of your Box and take responsibility where your Box usually wouldn't normally take.


    Start with little things, then start bigger things.

    Go to the edge where your Gremlin would not normally go. Your Gremlin would usually think: "It's not my job. I didn't make the mess, ...". Use your Gremlin to create something new.


    For example: complement somebody at the post office.

    YOUGREML.27: Imitate The Behavior of Gremlin

    This experiment is to be done in your Possibility Team. Line up the chairs next to each other for them to look at one side of room: this is where the stage is.


    One person goes on the stage. The experiment is for the audience to imitate the behaviour of the standing person's Gremlin for 8minutes.

    YOUGREML.28: My Gremlin Is Talking

    For one week (and then for the rest of your life), the experiment is each time your Gremlin is about to speaks, identify him/her outloud before s/he speaks: "My Gremlin wants to say ...."


    Doing it after does not count for the experiment. .

    YOUGREML.29: Your Gremlin's Laugh

    For the next week, your experiment is to find your gremlin's laugh and record it.

    YOUGREML.30: Gremlin Presents

    The next experiment is to make an agreements with someone that you will exchange Gremlin presents with each other. Those are Gremlin designed presents, not present for the other person's Gremlin.


    For example: offering a box of chocolate with all the wrappers but no chocolate inside or with every chocolate half-eaten, offering a box full of styrofoam bits and nothing else, ...

    YOUGREML.31: Open Presents In Advance

    On Christmas day (or a birthday or any celebration), tell your Gremlin to open a little bit of the other people's presents (or letters) and then deny it if anyone ask if you did it.

    This is conscious use of Gremlin: using your Gremlin to go to the edge of your Box (or beyond the edge of your Box).

    YOUGREML.32: What Your Box Cannot Do But Your Gremlin Can

    Figure out what rules your Box cannot break.
    Then, design an experiment for your Gremlin to break that particular rule that your Box will freak out if you break it.


    For example:


    An additional rule for this experiment: don't get arrested!

    YOUGREML.33: Give Your Gremlin The Job To Scan For Gremlin

    For one week (and then for the rest of your life), give your Gremlin the job to scan for other Gremlins around you: at home, in public, at the mall, at the market, at the movie theater.


    Tell your Gremlin to find their Gremlin signature.

    YOUGREML.34: "It's just a joke"

    For one week, write down in your Beep! Book all the times that you or someone else says: "It's just a joke".


    It is your Gremlin or their Gremlin trying to make their behavior okay.


    Notice how making unconscious jokes that detriment others kills intimacy and vulnerability automatically.

    YOUGREML.35: Watch A Gremlin Movie

    Watch the following movie: Ace Ventura - When Nature Calls.


    In each scene, ask ourselves: is Ace Ventura is a conscious or unconscious Gremlin? Write it down.


    Bonus experiment while watching this movie: Notice all the ways Ace Ventura gives valuable information to the Gremlins around him, using his Gremlin.

    YOUGREML.36: Make a Gremlin-Free Zone

    Declare your home to be a “Gremlin Free Zone.”


    In Ordinary Human Relationship the home is the primary feeding ground for Gremlin. Gremlin views your partner and family as an all-you-can-eat Low Drama Buffet, open 24 / 7. You could make a pact with your partner, a sacred vow, both of you swearing on a stack of Conscious Feelings books never to allow Gremlin to again feed on the intimacy with the other. Gremlin is fully capable of gulping down enough junk food to keep its belly full by backstabbing at work, gossiping with the neighbors, or while shopping-lifting in the mall. No Gremlin feeding in your home!


    If your home is established as a Gremlin Free Zone, then it is also an Assumption Free Zone, an Expectation Free Zone, a Resentment Free Zone, a Conclusion Free Zone, and a Competition Free Zone. Your home becomes a sanctuary for the intimacy of not knowing, the intimacy of undefendedness, the intimacy of simple kindnesses, and the intimacy of Archetypal Love. Your home is no longer a known world.


    To start this experiment the practice is very clear: when you come home you check your Gremlin at the door. No words come out of your mouth until your Gremlin is sitting next to you and you have him on a short chain.

    Some couples have the practice of taking their shoes off at the front door because shoes carry dirt from the outside world and are not needed in the clean soft sanctuary of their home. Take your Gremlin off the same way. Enter your home naked, without plans, without needing anything, without shouting, “Honey! I’m home!” and thereby shattering the sanctuary space that was there with your Gremlin's Shadowy desires for recognition and enmeshment. Enter your home as if you have no personal history, and no history with your partner. Enter not knowing what will happen, prepared to create High Drama and lots of Yellow Stuff.


    If you enter your home environment leaving behind your Gremlin you will be able to appreciate the quality of things with unprecedented freshness. People will have possibilities that you never saw before. Simply breathing in the company of your partner will become like singing holy Hallelujahs.

    After a taste of being in your home-sanctuary with your partner and without your Gremlin, an intense series of questions could arise for you. Why would you ever want it different from this? Why would you ever let your Gremlin eat your life? Why would you permit your Gremlin to minimize and control such expansive and transcendental experiences? Don't hesitate even for an instant to tell your Gremlin to “Sit!” by your feet, and take care to feed him or her a controlled regular diet, elsewhere, anywhere else but at your home.

    YOUGREML.37: Listen To Your Gremlin

    Grab your Beep! Book before you watch this video.


    Title a new page: WHAT MY GREMLIN THINKS AND FEELS. Then pay close attention to the comments in your mind that come to you while you watch the video. Write down the comments, judgements, and expressions. It will not be the first time your Gremlin says them to you, but it could be the first time you write them down. While you watch this video, notice your own Gremlin's laughter. It is important to instantly detect when your own Gremlin's is laughing. Then you know who is in charge.


    In this video you will see two Gremlins at play. Both boys are unconsciously taken over by their Gremlins. You can see the soap squirter's Gremlin smile over and over. He moves and laughs in Gremlin ecstasy while he torments the bather. You can also see the bather's Gremlin take over as the bather tries to solve his problem with unconscious anger and aggression, typical Gremlin foods. If the bather were not taken over by his Gremlin he would realize that something not possible is going on and find out what it is.

    YOUGREML.38: Gremlin Reconstruction Initiatory Process

    Grab your Beep! Book before you watch this video.

    When you were a child, your Gremlin was already too big, too creative, too wild, too uncontrollable for your environment to handle. Therefore, you might have decided that the only way for you to survive was to bury and try to kill parts of your Gremlin. We have different ways of doing so. It is not bad or not wrong to have buried your Gremlin, you had to survive and you made a choice. It was a good choice, because you are here right now: you survived. And as an adult Man or Woman, you need your Gremlin for your Life and Destiny. You need the nonlinearity, rule-breaking possibilities of your Gremlin for example to bring your next project to the world. Your Gremlin has the ability to destroy any space at any time for no reason. When uninitiated the Gremlin will do this unconsciously to protect the Box from any space that represents a possibility of expansion or evolution. When the Gremlin starts to be initiated, you can give him different jobs: for example, destroying a space of ordinary to be able to set an extraordinary space. Your Box is probably freaked out just thinking about this. For your Gremlin, no problem, it’s an easy job.

    If you are stuck in the process of bringing your next project to life, if you cannot hold your ground in the face of bigger Gremlins, if you cannot tell your Gremlin to act on purpose, ... some parts of your Gremlin are left in your childhood. It's time to bring them back to life.


    More about this process: https://youtu.be/bjKpzZfRu7s

    YOUGREML.39: Completion of The First Experiment

    5 matrix points

    If you have done all the previous experiment without reading ahead please register 5 points.

  • Gremlin Work: PHASE II

    Put Your Gremlin To Work

    Contrary to what you might expect, you will use Gremlin more in Extraordinary Human Relationship and Archetypal Relationship than in Ordinary Human Relationship. In Ordinary Human Relationship, Gremlin is sneaking around as a Ronin, a lone Samurai without a master, serving himself, and definitely not creating a bright future for you, or humanity. In Archetypal Relationship the rightful place of Gremlin is established: awake, attentive, sitting at the feet of Archetypal Man or Woman with a short chain tied around his neck.

    At first, when you discover the true nature and intention of Gremlin, it is quite difficult not to simply declare with disgust that Gremlin is bad or evil , a creature that must be imprisoned or banished forever.


    Such thinking is a remnant of the good/bad Shadow Principle of the Church, and using it will leave you crippled with your Gremlin invisibly at work, busily creating his usual unconscious horrors with your life, like the priests at a parochial school justifying violence or sexual intimacies with the boys in their care.

    Gremlin is Gremlin. Gremlin does what Gremlin does. We all have Gremlin and no matter what we think or try to do, Gremlin will never go away. Gremlin is a force like sulfuric acid, like plastic explosives, like a laser beam, like a crowbar or lock picks, neither good nor bad, but definitely capable of producing certain results. As with all tools, Gremlin can be used to fulfill either responsible or irresponsible purposes. We live in a wild world. We need access to a kind of intelligent wildness for taking care of ourselves and for creating what we want to create. The source of that wild intelligence is Gremlin. After possessing your Gremlin, a source of wild intelligence sits at your feet, a trained attack animal, ready to do what it always does but doing it as you responsibly and maturely direct.

    Gremlin is an exceptional tool of nonlinearity, particularly suited for shaping Extraordinary Human and Archetypal Relationship where only Ordinary Human Relationship existed before. The application of this tool is counterintuitive. You use Gremlin’s ability to destroy anything, at any time, for no reason, as the force to dismantle the mechanicality of your own Box. Gremlin is the only one who knows the secret ways to get through your own defenses, the only one clever enough to free you from being trapped by your own tricks.

    The first use of Gremlin is very exact. Use Gremlin to monitor Gremlin to not 'do' Gremlin.


    It takes a thief to catch a thief, and Gremlin is the ultimate thief. Only Gremlin knows exactly how devious, cunning, and shrewd Gremlin is. Only Gremlin is sensitive and fast enough to catch Gremlin before he steals away your dignity with his shenanigans.

    Give Your Gremlin Impossible Jobs To Do

    • Use Gremlin to sharpen your self-discipline. Use Gremlin to stop overly judgmental thinking.
    • Use Gremlin to keep your attention free from being hooked and your heart free from emotionally reacting.
    • Use Gremlin to hold your tongue when all it wants to do is lash out and destroy.
    • Use Gremlin to not snicker, not sneer, not sigh, not yawn, and not roll your eyes.
    • Use Gremlin to not speak the hurting cynical words, not make the cutting tone-of-voice insinuations, not say the nasty, stupid, degrading little jokes that destroy people.
    • Use Gremlin to keep your center when everyone around you is giving their center away.
    • Use Gremlin to stay awake and pay attention when everyone around you is sleeping and hypnotized. Use Gremlin to look in shadowy places at what is normally ignored.
    • Use Gremlin to not throw stones at the adulteress.
    • Use Gremlin to stay still when other people move and to move when other people stay still.
    • Use Gremlin to do the right thing even when the consequences are frightening.
    • Use Gremlin to make and hold necessary boundaries even when the kids are screaming at you to give in to their demands.
    • Use Gremlin to ask dangerous questions that no one else can even think of because the forces of conclusion are so strong.
    • Use Gremlin to break the rules that minimize expressions of kindness, generosity or compassion.
    • Use Gremlin to distinguish subtle details that make invisible things distinct from their camouflage.
    • Use Gremlin to kill your own denial, to walk directly into your own pain and to let your whole world go up in flames, burning to a cinder.
    • Use Gremlin to watch your old reality crumble to dust without being even one percent a victim of the experiential circumstances.
    • Use Gremlin to stay present and let your reality construct die without being sentimental, hysterical, isolated, or nostalgic.
    • Use Gremlin to let yourself be seen raw, naked, stupid, crippled and wounded – exactly as you are – and do not care about other people’s opinions or judgments.
    • Use Gremlin to energetically 'spin' so that you hold no position and stay a moving target to other people’s comments.
    • Use Gremlin to wait patiently through the unknown until the next thing can happen.
    • Use Gremlin to have the courage to start something that has never been started before.

    It is Gremlin who can stand completely exposed and vulnerable and not care. It is Gremlin who can allow chaos and total destruction to rain upon your habits, your personality, your crushed little venemous ego, you comforts, with the same acceptance and neutrality that he allows blessings, appreciation, respect and love to rain upon you.


    And it is Gremlin who can feel deep compassion for others whose Gremlin still owns them and keeps them living (if you can call it living) in an Underworld created by their still unconscious and all-powerful Gremlin.


    Get to work practicing with this, buddy. You do not have as much time as you think...

  • Experiments - Gremlin Phase II

    It's all phase I. Don't fool yourself about this.

  • When Gremlin takes over

    knocks you unconscious

    be right at all cost

    save the show of your Box at all cost

    (in this case the continuous victories at the cost of a young girl's sexual abuser being convicted - I don't recommend the movie: it is a horror movie)

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